Matches announced for Extreme Rules 2016

Last night was the first night both Shane and Stephanie McMahon were under dual ownership of Monday Night Raw and to be quite honest, it went a lot smoother than I had anticipated.  Not only are both McMahon siblings intact but there were several great matches announced for the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view.  Let’s take a look at what we are to expect come Sunday, May 22nd.

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Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles in an Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

There is no denying Reigns and Styles took it to the brink at Payback.  They had the same match three times until The McMahon siblings finally got it right.  This time, they learned to get it right the first time and add the stipulation that anything goes.  Objects, outside interference, fighting outside of the ring, you name it!

The Vaudevillians vs The New Day for the Tag Team Championship

Since Enzo sustained his injury during the #1 Contender match, it pretty much removed him and Big Cass from the running.  Their opponents from Sunday, The Vaudevillians, were granted the opportunity at the Tag Team Championship against The New Day at Extreme Rules.  This is a huge moment for The Vaudevillians since this will be their first Tag Team title match on the main roster.

Rusev vs Kalisto for the United States Championship

Rusev outlasted and beat several other men, including his fellow mates of The League of Nations, to solidify his spot in a US title match against Kalisto at Extreme Rules.

Natalya vs Charlotte for the WWE Womens Championship in a Submission match

Stephanie had approached Ric Flair and Charlotte backstage after their encounter with Natalya to inform them her rematch against Natalya will be held at Extreme Rules.  Not only will this be a Submission match, pinning the Figure 8 against the Sharpshooter, but Ric is banned from ringside.  The look on the father and daughter’s faces undeniably showed their feelings towards this ruling.

I’m digging the rematches and stipulations but not feeling Rusev at all.  Kalisto deserves a more athletically-equal opponent like Sami Zayn, Cesaro or Neville (if he wasn’t injured) to name a few.  All Rusev will do is stomp, grunt and crush.  He may be big, but Kalisto’s fast pace, high flying moves will definitely give him the upper hand.  How do you guys feel about the beginning of the Extreme Rules card?  Dig it or dog it?

More information on the Extreme Rules pay-per-view will be announced as it’s updated.


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