Eric Young debuts at NXT

Eric Young made his NXT debut last night during a NXT Taping which will air on the WWE Network in a few weeks.

ericyoungPhoto credit: NXT’s Official Instagram Page

For those who do not know Eric Young, he is a 18 year veteran and a former Heavyweight Champion.  His interview with Cathy Kelly is available on


I received a Breaking News notification from the WWE app last night and when I read it, my first thought was “Who is Eric Young?”  I had never heard of him until tonight, so I asked my boyfriend and he said Eric was from TNA.  Well that made sense as to why I do not know who he is since I don’t watch TNA.  I’ve tried multiple times on several different occasions and just COULD NOT get into it.  After watching his interview with Cathy Kelly, I am super stoked he’s apart of NXT – and I haven’t even seen him wrestle yet!  And the video WWE recorded of his debut on Facebook Live shows SAMOA JOE IN THE RING HOLDING HIS CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.  Do I smell a title match?!  Oh I sure do hope so!  I know, I’m getting ahead of myself, but just let me.


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