April’s WWE Superstar of the Month

Each time the camera lights go on, one star shines brighter among the rest. This individual is victorious, constantly showing themselves and the WWE Universe they are deemed worthy of air time, our time and our hearts (or hatred for our beloved heels).   Each month, this particular person will be awarded WWE Superstar of the Month and for the month of April, this title goes to Shane McMahon.

shanemcmahon Photo credit: pwpix.net

Here comes the money after almost 7 years away from WWE.  He made his return in such appropriate fashion: when his father Vince McMahon was presenting his sister Stephanie McMahon with the “Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence” Award.  His reason for returning was to control Monday Night Raw which his father gave his approval, but under one condition: Shane had to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a Hell in a Cell match.  If The Undertaker won, he would keep his career and live to see another Wrestlemania.  As we all know, The Undertaker secured his fate with the WWE by winning his match against Shane, but there’s no denying Shane put up one hell of a fight.  We all witnessed that amazing 20 foot leap off the top of the cell!  Although he lost, he’s had the opportunity to run Monday Night Raw for three consecutive weeks and for the first time in history controlled the April 21st edition of Thursday Night Smackdown.  Stephanie informed Shane and the WWE Universe that this Monday was his last week running Raw, but their father ultimately has the final say at Payback.  It is at Payback that Vince will decide between his children who will have control of Monday Night Raw.

It hasn’t even been a month since Wrestlemania and Shane has done so much in that short period of time.  We had the Tag Team Tournament take place, the debut of several NXT Superstars, the highly anticipated arrival and debut of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows and fun, fresh matches.  I honestly feel that we have been experiencing Raw After ‘Mania the past three weeks thanks to Shane.  I personally know many people who feel this exact same way.  It was a no-brainer who I wanted to proclaim WWE Superstar of the Month after the month of professional wrestling we’ve had, and it’s all thanks to Shane O Mac.


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