New announcements made for Payback

wwepaybackposter201666 Photo credit: Wikipedia

On last night’s Monday Night Raw, more matches were announced followed by an interesting decision to be made.

mcmahonpayback Photo credit:

Stephanie informed Shane and the WWE Universe that it was his last night running Raw. Although the WWE Universe were clearly upset with this news (I too was booing at the television screen), there is a possibility Shane can take full reign of the program. At Payback, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will decide right then and there who will run the show: Stephanie or Shane. I hope for the sake of the WWE Universe, Vince has been watching Raw the past three weeks! However, it is no secret Shane is hated by his family and considered the black sheep, so it may or may not go the way the WWE Universe wants it.

kalistorybackPhoto credit:

It was also announced that Ryback and Kalisto will kick off Payback in a match for the United States Championship. Ryback had defeated Kalisto on last week’s Thursday Night Smackdown and the result of that match clearly worked in his favor.  Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin will also meet one-on-one in the ring at Payback.  They have had a feud brewing the last several weeks so hopefully, this match will settle the score and end it all.

dzigglerbcorbinPhoto credit:

Tune into the WWE Network this Sunday night at 8:00pm to find out these results and many more!


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