WWE recruits new talent

World Wrestling Entertainment is all about growing their brand, which includes their roster.  On Tuesday, The WWE Performance Center welcomed 10 new prospects to develop, mold and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The background of each recruit is so unique and vastly different from the next, ranging from different countries, military backgrounds, models, body builders and sports which of course includes independent wrestling.  Let’s take a look at the future of the WWE:

newrecruitsapril2016Photo credit: WWE.com

Babatunde Aiyebusi of Oslencia, Poland is a former offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings.  He also stands at 6 foot 9 inches tall, weighing at 350 lbs (I think he would be an excellent opponent for The Big Show!)

Bianca Blair of Knoxville, Tennessee has excelled at track and field while attending the University of Tennessee.  There, she became an All-American and All-SEC performer in hurdles which put her in the SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2011 and 2012.  She is also a power lifter and CrossFit competitor, who has been featured on CrossFit’s website as well as magazines such as “Femme Rogue” and “RX Magazine”.

Nikola Bogojevic of Superior, Wisconsin is, as WWE.com described, a “world-class grappler.”  At the Junior-Pan American Games in 2011, he became a National Champion in Grecco-Roman Wrestling and won bronze at the same event in 2014.  Nikola has had a substantial amount of training at the Olympic Training Center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Carolyn Dunning of Las Vegas is a “nationally ranked bodybuilding bikini competitor by The National Physique” as WWE.com has stated and is also a former ROTC member of the United States Air Force.

Macey Estrella of Parris Island, South Carolina is a Marine veteran where Macey was also a member of their SWAT team.  Macey was also trained by Tom Caiazzo of American Premier Wrestling.

Nicola Glencross of Glasgow, Scotland who is also known as “Nikki Storm”, has eights years of wrestling experience under her belt.  She has wrestled for numerous companies such as Shine, Pro Wrestling Elite, Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling among others.

Terrance Jean-Jacques of Boston has wrestling experience as he was an All-American at the University of Rhode Island last year and had a 32-2 record at the University of Iowa.  Terrance is 6 foot 3 inches and weighs 265 lbs.

Danielle Kamela of Los Angeles has trained with Rikishi as well as David “Grangel” Heath at Knokx Pro Entertainment.  She was also featured on Fox Sports in Arizona as a Phoenix Suns dance and a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals.

Michael Nicholls of Perth, Australia who is also known as “Mikey:, has ten years of wrestling experience.  He’s wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH where he was a two-time Tag Team Champion with Shane Veryzer.  He’s also wrestled for Explosive Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Shane Veryzer of Perth, Australia who is also known as “Shane Haste” has eleven years of wrestling experience.  Like his fellow Tag Team partner Michael Nicholls, he has also wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH and Explosive Pro Wrestling.


The resumes on this group is incredible!  I am so excited to follow the journey of these ten individuals as they make their way from The Performance Center, NXT and right onto the main roster.


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