Happy Birthday, Lita!

Happy Birthday, Lita!  She turns 41 years old today.


Photo credit: celebritytattoosite.com

I spoke about the importance Goldust has had in first introducing me to professional wrestling along with two others (The Undertake and Paul Bearer) as child.  During Lita’s time with the WWF/WWE, she was my everything.  I idolized her.  I dressed like her, dyed my hair red for years, wore the type of jewelry she did, and my walls, binders and lockers were plastered with photos of her.  As a teenage girl growing up as a rocker/goth chick, I identified with Lita’s style and tough attitude.  She didn’t tolerate any disrespect, she was her own person, and not only did she run with the boys, but she tough enough to fight against them as well.  Lita is and always will be so important and so special to the WWE and in my life.  Happy Birthday, beautiful!

Side Note: I chose this photo of Lita because it was always my favorite.


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